After the earthquake in Ecuador: reconstruction

Solidarity with victims of the earthquake is a very important first step. However, it is also important to think about what comes next: reconstruction.

Beyond reconstruction of housing, where surely we must think more about adapted construction materials, for example retaking building with bamboo, it is important to resume economic recovery.

In agriculture, the products have not been destroyed by the earthquake. But marketing, which itself has always been complicated and unfavorable to the producer, it will now be even more unfavorable, for at least two reasons: first, the producers affected by the destruction of their homes will be rushing to sell their production, and are therefore at the mercy of traders  wanting to impose low prices; the second is that transport routes have been affected, and therefore the movement of goods is restricted, at least for now.

Given this situation it is important to see what possibilities we have to open spaces of Fair Trade in Quito and other major cities unaffected to products of Esmeraldas and Manabi.

We at MEGA ORGANIK sell products of  Manabi, like AMUCOMT’s peanuts and coconut oil made raw material of Esmeraldas. We still lack information on the situation of our providers peers, but we will enter into consultation with other spaces of Fair Trade in Quito to see whereas there other providers  in these areas and if we can create shared mechanisms to collect these products.

The challenge is building a mechanism of fair trade in the medium and long term for the affected areas and the coast in general.

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